Link Building – for website traffic

Link Building

Websites that don’t connect with other sites within the network will be forgotten by the network!

Best Case Scenario.
The best links are naturally earned.
To receive such links would be the result of you being:

  • An authority on your subject.
  • Your articles are regularly published on other websites.
  • You are quoted and your views carry weight.
  • Your blog posts are heavily “liked” and “re-tweeted”
  • Your content has legs and is able to spread your word under it own energy.
  • Your Website has lots of trust and authority.

Congratulations you have achieved link nirvana.

But I am guessing that we are not quite there yet!

That’s okay, because now we have a target – right.

To get there will require some application on your part and maybe a strategy or two.

This is going to require some serious thinking!

serious thinking
let's get going

Okay, so let’s go right back to basics:

Why do we want links to our site.

Good quality links = traffic to your site.

Not solely because people click on the links and arrive at your site.


What we DO NOT want
We are not interested in getting links from a websites “links page” buried within dozens or hundreds of other links. This is seen as being in a “bad neighbourhood” because these pages will take links from anyone regardless of trust and authority and bad links are very contagious.
This type of link will do you more harm than good.


This is what we DO want!
Contextual (relevant) Back Links.

A link that appears naturally within a passage of text and linking back to you. That link being on a website highly relevant to your sector and having a good deal of trust and authority.


Okay, so how do we get those?

Here are your options

Pitching the idea of contextual back links, in the form of guest posting, to owners of high ranking websites in your sector.


getting them naturally, without having to ask!

The second option sounds great but that is not going to happen any time soon.

In both cases what you need is a reputation, the best one you can lay your hands on!

So how do you build our reputation?





That all sounds great and kind of poetic but seriously if you can produce fantastic content I guarantee doors will start opening for you.

Here’s my post on writing better content – What the best website do.

However quality posts are not written in 10 minutes, better to post 1 quality informative post a month, that may having taken you 2 days to write, then 15 quickly cobbled together posts containing your thoughts of the day.

Tip: Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have to build a huge library of posts. Before you even build your site think along the lines of “this site is going to have 6 pages and 12 posts the titles of which are …… “. Write those posts one at a time. When you have your 12 posts go back to the first and update/add/improve it.

Now you are adding quality not quantity and you don’t have rack your brains to think of new content.

Does that sound like a strategy you can handle?

Your site will naturally get better.


You have to produce better content

and you going to have to get your work out there.

Adding content to your site and telling your friends on facebook is not going to get you anywhere.

You are going to have subject your content to true scrutiny and accept the consequences – remember when you make your website successful – you will have no one to blame but yourself!

So this is where we start – Guest Posting

You may not realise it but there are lots people out there openly inviting others to submit guest blogs to appear on their sites.

This is a win win situation.

They get content and you get a profile boost.

You may or may not be allowed to link back to your site and just end up with an author credit but if your name appears on sites with lots of trust and authority this will have a positive effect on your standing.

However it has to be said that certain conditions of quality have to be met for your guest post to be published.

Which is fine because I have and will continue to bang on about quality of content.

Putting words like quality and great in front of the word content is not going to be a deal breaker, is it?

In this section I am going to give you my take on guest posting and show you how easy it is to found places to post and what conditions we are required to work under.

Then I am going to back that up by adding links to resources from experts in the field. These guys, in my opinion, create fantastic content, so there are two reasons to read it.

They have not asked me to post these links – they don’t need to – as their content and reputations are unquestioned.

By me adding a paragraph and introducing you to them is adding value to this post.

But first – let’s search for someone accepting guest posts

So lets pop over to Google – other search engines are available – apprarently!

And enter the subject that we wish to post about and then adding “Guest Post”

search google for guest posting

Hey Presto a likely candidate.. that’s the easy bit done..

search results for guest posting

So let’s pop over to their site and have a look

Condition for accepting guest post

Okay we all need to know where we stand and know what is expected – that saves a lot of time later.

Yes we accept guest blogs

A quick look at their trust level to make sure that all our work will be worthwhile.

Resources to help you and which add value to this post

The Ultimate Guest Blogging Guide

ultimate guide to guest posting
This comprehensive 8 step guide will show you a raft information on guest blogging. I would recommend reading it over a number of sittings. The Ultimate guide takes you from the conception point of your idea to commenting on your comments.

On your first scan through you can be forgiven for thinking that you have bitten off more than you can chew but the best guides, like this, give you the whole process and break it all down to bite sizes pieces that you will have no trouble digesting.
Traditional publishing could easily turn these types of guides into 300 page books at £30 a pop.

Big one page post is what it is all about.

Fantastic content = Fantastic reputation.

The definitive guide to guest blogging

the definitive guide to guest blogging

Do you know what?

I feel incredible guilty for listing Brian Dean’s Definitive guide after The Ultimate guide – somehow I don’t think that Brian would care one jot. This gentleman is truly raising the bar and we simple follow in his wake. Some faster than others.

I am new to this game but I can now spot Brain influence in many places – and that is the whole point.

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