Improve visitor engagement : Reduce Bounce Rate

How to keep people on your website:
This is so simple I guarantee you will be using this first tip straight away!

Q: What’s the best way to keep visitors on your website?

A: How about showing them what they want quickly and clearly.

Your very first target is to:

Hold the visitor on any given web page for 10 seconds – but that is not your ultimate goal, far from it.

Here’s the problem:

Visitors rapidly hitting the back button to get away from your site is known as a “Bounce”

A high bounce rate is the quickest way of getting your site to drop like stone down the rankings.

reducing bounce rates

If your visitor gets past 10 seconds that is a good start but what you really want is to hold them on the page, they landed on, and then for them to click through to another page.

Staying on your site for several minutes at least!

Easier said than done!

Let’s take a moment to think:

What’s the worse thing that you can see when you land on a web page? You don’t have to answer that question!

For me, it is being presented with a huge block of text to read.

What I want is a clear indication that I am going to find what I am looking for.

We’ve done the search (with the search engine) and now we are expected to search again through loads of text!

I am sure you are the same as me.don't make me read all that text

We’re not interested in wasting time looking any further.

Next site please.

So answer me this:

You’re still here, right?

are you still with me?

Why are you still here?

It’s simple:

Before you got here I promised you information on ‘Improving visitor engagement’

Then, upon arrival:

  • I confirmed the subject matter
  • then followed it with a compelling line
  • and then got on with it immediately

But you probably noticed:

That the normal rules of grammar have been ignored!

I’ve broken up the text to make it very easy for you to read.

You’ve been able to quickly read through and see that there just might be something useful here.

People are not going to give you much time so you have to get on with it.

They will be scanning your web pages very quickly.

So we need to be making everything as easy as possible for them.

Tell me that I am wrong:

I promised you a way of improving visitor engagement and now I’ve got you engaged!

Apologies to any English teachers reading this but when you have only a couple of seconds to get peoples attention something has got to give. In this case text formatting.

So you might be wondering:

Is that it! more good stuff ahead

No, it gets better:

As well as adding spaces between lines (yes, I know you’re impressed!).

You can move your visitors along with some attention grabbing “Bucket Brigade” lines (keeping the water coming by passing buckets from one fireman to the next).

They’re lines like these tried-and-tested classics:

Bucket Brigade Classics

Here’s the deal:


Why does this matter?

What’s the bottom line?

You might be wondering:

This is crazy:

I must be crazy:

No, I’m serious:

It gets better/worse:


But here’s the kicker:

Want to know the best part?

I can’t emphasize this enough:

The bottom line is…

Plus: Don’t tell everyone but:
you are allowed to create your own Bucket Brigade classics. Designed by you to keep your website visitors reading.

So here’s the deal:

Visitor engagement goes upFollow these tips and you WILL get better website engagement which in turn will reduce your bounce rate.

It gets better:

That will send a strong signal to the search engines that people like your website.

They will become more confident about sending visitors to your website because it is fulfilling the search criteria.

What does Google’s like to deliver the most?


Here’s another thing:

As you know, a picture paints a thousand words – it also makes your web page more engaging.

and we like the sound of that – don’t we?

It’s a proven fact:

That content that has at least one image included in it out ranks content with no images.

Makes sense, right.

However there is no evidence to suggest adding more and more images helps to increase rankings further.

I guess Google just doesn’t like blocks of plain text with no images, who does?

link to

Clearly I am no Picasso, but I have created the images on this page myself using and it didn’t cost me a penny!

And there are no issues concerning copyright (There are premium elements available which have a one time use stipulation. $1 per instance that you use them. You will have to read their terms and conditions regarding that point).

If you are serious about enhancing your content I would recommend that you took the time to check out.

It’s all drag and drop stuff and once you have worked your way around creating images is easy. Here is a tutorial and there are plenty more on YouTube for you to check out.

Are we done yet?

No, of course not!

Here are another 2 quick tips:
what all the best websites do

Try a recommended for reading banner that highlights a related article. This can be placed at any relevant point within your page. It is not to replace text links rather supplement them.

This is simply an inserted image with a link attached. A tutorial showing you how is further down this post.

At the end of all posts rather than having the standard “previous” and “next” buttons why not, insert our own links to relented posts with an image attached.

This will prove to be far more engaging and increase the chances of visitors clicking through to continue reading.

Here’s how to add an image with a link in WordPress
What you need for this tutorial:
1. A web browser with 2 windows open
2. And a image on your computer that you want to upload.In one window of your browser you need to be looking at the page that you want to link to.
page that you wish to link toYou need to copy the address of the page. Highlight the address with your cursor and press > CTRL (control) + C to copy.copy the address of page you want to link toThen back to WordPress we need to be in edit mode for the page we are working on.edit modeIn edit mode you need to locate where on the page you wish to add your image. Then click on that spot to insert your cursor. Doing this will set the spot where your image is to be placed.Add Media
locate the add media buttonSelect Upload if the image is still on your computer
upload image

Then click the Select Option
Select Your File

Now you need to navigate to where your required image is on your computer.

Once the image has uploaded – Go to right hand pane (scroll down if required)

select custom url

Select Custom URL and remove the http://

Add the address of the page we are linking to by pasting it in. CTRL (Control) + V

That should paste in the address that we copied at the start of this process.

Click Insert into Post – you now have a picture link to the required page.

For those still standing:
Here is a relevant image that shows the elements to a more engaging page page layout.
layout of web page using suggestion from this page.

All that I have shown you is straight forward stuff that can change your web pages radically. Nothing to technical and you should be able to do it yourself without too much trouble. Happy to help if you need it.

You should always end a post with a compelling last line so here it is.

The effect of making your webpages more engaging will filter through to the search engines and it with give you the edge over your competition today. So what are you waiting for.

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