Building trust from the start is vital – use these tips

Don’t blow all that hard work by not being open and honest about who you are.

Richard Russell looking trust worthy.
I know how you feel – I felt the same – but I found that having my photo plastered all over my site was good for business!

Call me old fashioned:

but I want to know who I am doing business with.

Five minutes ago I had never heard of you.

Now you want me to hand over some of my hard earned cash!

That’s like proposing on a first date…….Taxi

And it gets worse:

Not a single picture of a human being on your website.

Don’t forget it’s all about:


So making it clear exactly who you are as quickly as possible is a probably a good idea, right.

From the very first moment that visitors land on your site you should be focused on building trust whilst being aware that you have to do this for two different audiences.

Your site visitors


Search engines.

Many websites owners think that this can be achieved by displaying a “money back guarantee” and some highly dubious testimonials.

Referrers that continually repeat a company’s name are a dead give away as fakes. Written by the business owner. People don’t talk like that.

Building trust is really straightforward – just be straightforward.


it’s great for business.

All you need to do is to work on your PERSONAL BRANDING and display a body of work that proves that you KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.

That’s not going to be a problem for you – is it?

Firstly here is a very quick guide.

Followed by additional information about Personal Branding.

Later we will talk about Search Engines and trust.

Personal Branding

Builds trust, breaks down barriers, keeps it real, provides a source of content and eases visitors wariness when first arriving at your site.

Fancy some of that?

Personal branding is not an ego trip, it can really help your business and removes that giant leap of faith (from your prospect) that might be required when making that all important initial purchase.

I highly recommend that any business with a website takes a serious look at personal branding.

You may not be the next Richard Branson but if you were, like Richard, you would be paying close attention to your personal brand.

Personal branding is not a short term proposition, for some ideas for developing a strategy, you should have a look at Neil Patel’s

Double your personal brand in six months

Double your personal brand

Also there is Luigi Centenaro who has created a great Personal Branding Canvaspersonal branding canvas

Below is a search engine friendly version of the building trust infographic shown earlier. Because it is an image file the search engines can not access its content so it is a good idea to add a transcript. The same applies to any videos that you might add.


Simple website methods for building trust
Visitor Want So you should
Safety ENGAGE Show
Introduce yourself. Properly Have a professional photo. Selfies are for amateurs
Visitors are naturally wary when visiting a new site. Showing yourself relaxes visitors.
On all pages of your site, who knows where visitors will land? Don’t save yourself for the about page. They may not get there.
Assurance Relate Write
Your Visitors want to relate to you. Keep it real.
having shared values and goals builds rapport So tlak about yours – you need to find 2 things that you have in common.
Access Listen Reply
Show that you’re accessible, have time for others and that you are not totally focused on sales. Ask visitors to comment on your posts then respond in a positive manner.
Do this consistently Demonstrate your reliability
Guess what? being seen relaxing has a relaxing effect. Be professional , but let your hair down too, on Facebook ideally.
Faith Commit Deliver
Talk is cheap. Showing that you have a track record of delivering on your promises is simple. If you say you are going to help people with something, prove it with really good content about that subject.
Trust Do Continue
“This is what we do and we are going to continue doing this for you.” is much more powerful than “Give us some money and then we will do it.”

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